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    Our handmade bug spray is our own recipe and it works fantastic for keeping bugs off of you, your pets, and keeping them out of your house! There's no better insect repellent!

    Spray it on yourself and your pet to enjoy bug-free outings together.

    Spray it around the house - spray window and door perimeters and any other cracks or crevices where bugs may enter to keep bugs at bay. 

    Net weight: 4 ounces

    Our all natural bug repellent can be sprayed just about anywhere. Spray it around the perimeter of windows and doors to keep bugs from coming into your house. Spray it onto your skin when spending an evening outside where mosquitoes and other flying pests might be active. Spray on your pets to keep pests away. Avoid spraying into eyes or near mucus membranes to avoid irritation.

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