• Wilma's Walkers - WALK
  • Wilma's Walkers - WALK
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  • Easy to use chunks
  • These are not ready to ship
  • Contains 9 chunks (3 oz)
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You may not know it, but I am hooked on The Walking Dead. So when I was wanting to discontinue some scents from my scent list, I decided to call them Walkers. :)


*** These melts are not shaped like zombies!

*** These are also not ready to ship.

It's time to remove some dead weight from my scent list to make room for some new Wilma exclusive blends! Click the Scents tab to the right to see the available scent descriptions for the walkers.

Once these are gone they are gone for good. Some of these scents I only have a few ounces of and others I may have a couple of pounds left. These are first come, first serve. If I run out before I get to your order, I will remove the item from your order and refund the amount.

These are available in chunks packaged in polypropylene zip bags - 3 ounces each.

basmati A delightful mix of fruity florals and cedarwood.
jungle type The jungle comes alive in this blend of hardy woods, and tropical fruits and florals. A duplication of Lush.

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Scents your removing,how old are they ?

April 4, 2017 10:44 PM
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These scents haven't been poured yet so they don't have an age yet. This item is not ready to ship and is only poured when it is ordered.
salesreport28525 April 4, 2017 11:32 PM