Following are the details for the upcoming website openings.


Important Dates ~
August 27 Thursday - 12 noon EST
September 24 Thursday - 12 noon EST
October 22 Thursday - 12 noon EST
November 19 Thursday - 12 noon EST
December 17 Thursday - 12 noon EST

Inventory restocks occur every 4 weeks on Thursdays. Restocks will include wax items and bath & body items. The house blends offered each restock will be offered in wax and certain bath & body items (because not all blends will be skin safe).

Restocks will occur at 12 noon eastern time (9 a.m. pacific time). I will announce the restock opening on my Instagram account, my Facebook account, my Facebook group, and I will also send out a newsletter. Make sure you're following or subscribing to get notifications. If the restock is going to be earlier or later because of a schedule conflict, I will announce it on Instagram and Facebook.

The website will always stay open with any in stock inventory. And poly bags will be available as well.


The inventory restocks will center around limited edition themed/seasonal scent blends. I am going to offer 10-15 themed scent blends for each restock. These scent blends will be available in as many products as is appropriate. Wax items will be made available in more scents than just the 10-15 limited edition blends. 

I will make items in these limited edition blends and list them on the website as in stock (ready to pickup/ship). The inventory loaded is all that there is for each scent. Once inventory is gone, the limited edition scent blends will no longer be available (unless they are brought back during a subsequent restock).

The Scent Descriptions will be updated with these limited edition blends. Limited edition blends are noted with asterisks (**). If the scent has asterisks and has LIMITED EDITION in the description, then that blend can only be ordered when it is available as ready to ship. These LIMITED EDITION blends will not be available for custom ordering or blending.

Feel free to drop me an email or post up in our group with any scent requests you have for each restock. I will work to add customer requests as time allows for each restock.


During the weeks before the inventory restock, I will announce the blends that will be made available during the restock as well as the descriptions.


And finally‚Ķ custom orders! 12 packs, 36 packs, 12 pack blenders, and 36 pack blenders can be order all the time without limit. However, during each inventory restock, 6 packs, awesome blossoms, and mini cups will be available for unlimited custom ordering as well. The custom order time frame for 6 packs, awesome blossoms, and mini cups will be 4 days (Thursday - Sunday). 


I am shooting for the ready to ship TAT to be 7-10 days.

I am going to guesstimate that the custom order TAT will be 30-45 days. My previous custom TAT was 4 weeks, so it isn't a much bigger time frame.


To stay up to date with the restock info, please follow my Facebook page (you don't even have to have a Facebook account to see my page!).

To join in on the discussion and request scents, join my Facebook group (the group is private so posts can only be seen by other group members).

Follow my Instagram account for news and pictures.

And don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter!

If you have any questions, send me an email using the Contact Us page on our website or directly at