• Mystery Wax! (ready to ship) - MYST
  • Mystery Wax! (ready to ship) - MYST
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    Mystery scented wax! These are overpours from orders where I didn't have enough wax left to make another item.

    I do not keep track of what scents go into each cube or each bag. That's why they are a MYSTERY! If you absolutely adore the way one of your mystery cubes smells, I can't help you identify what scents were blended to make that cube, so just enjoy it while you can!

    Each type of mystery bag contains specific scent categories:

    Foody contains mostly fruity and bakery scents.

    Earthy contains mostly woody, earthy, and floral scents.

    Fresh contains mostly clean/laundry, fresh, and spa scents.

    Each bags contains 4 chunks of scented wax. Each chunk weighs about .5 - .6 ounces so each bag contains approximately 2.25 ounces of wax. Scents are are mixed together in layers within each melt.

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