That Smell Good Shop
Located in the Embassy Crossings plaza
9592 US Highway 19, Port Richey, FL 34668
In the plaza, we are located in between Ross and the Post Office.

Store Hours Holiday Hours
Monday CLOSED   07/27/21 Summer Break CLOSED
Tuesday CLOSED   07/28/21 Summer Break CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED   07/29/21 Summer Break CLOSED
Thursday 12 - 6   07/30/21 Summer Break CLOSED
Friday 12 - 6   07/31/21 Summer Break CLOSED
Saturday 12 - 6   11/25/21 Thanksgiving Day CLOSED
Sunday CLOSED   12/24/21 Christmas Eve CLOSED
      12/25/21 Christmas Day CLOSED
      12/26/21 Winter Break CLOSED
      12/27/21 Winter Break CLOSED
      12/28/21 Winter Break CLOSED
      12/29/21 Winter Break CLOSED
      12/30/21 Winter Break CLOSED
      12/31/21 New Year's Eve CLOSED
      01/01/22 New Year's Day CLOSED

Get to know us!

Before contacting me, please read through our FAQ by clicking here which contains many answers to questions about my current TAT, how to find out when your order will ship, cure time, checking order status, making changes to orders, canceling orders, etc.

If you are looking to find out when your custom order will ship, please go here!

** Emails will be answered during business hours.
** Include the order number in your message for a specific order.
** Do not use the Contact form to inquire about employment. Do it the old fashioned way and come into my store.
** I do not wholesale. Do not use the Contact form to inquire about wholesaling.