• What is your current Turn Around Time?
  • My current TAT is always posted on my website homepage and is also posted at the top of your Order Confirmation email. Currently, my TAT is approximately 4-6 weeks for custom ordered items. Please take this as a general time frame. Your order may take less time or may take a couple of days longer. Also note that it doesn't matter the size of your order - we process orders in the order they were received so the size of the order doesn't matter with respect to how long it will take to process your custom order. If you place your order during a sale or special event you can expect that the posted TAT may be extended by several days. Please use my TAT Estimation Tool to find out approximately when your custom order should ship.

    TAT for Ready To Ship items is up to 1 week. TAT starts the day after you place your order.

  • Can I mix RTS items with custom ordered items? Will you ship the RTS items first?
  • You can absolutely place a custom order as well as order RTS items - if available - on the same order. However, the RTS items will not ship separately. All items on the order will ship together with the full custom order TAT (see previous paragraph for current custom order TAT).

    If you want to order RTS and custom items but want your RTS items quicker, you can place two orders - one for the custom items and one for the RTS items. Then your RTS items will ship out within the current RTS TAT and your custom items will ship out within the current custom order TAT.

  • Is my order custom or ready to ship (RTS)?
  • The easiest way to find out whether you ordered RTS wax items is to check your order confirmation email or check your online order history ( My Account ). If you ordered RTS wax items, each product will be preceded by the letters "RTS" for each RTS item ordered as shown in the following image.

    If your order looks like the following image, then your order is custom and not RTS.

    To order RTS wax items, make sure you order from the RTS Melts page - RTS Melts

    To custom order wax items, make sure you order from the Custom Melts page - Custom Melts

  • Are you on social media?
  • Absolutely! You can follow us on these sites:

    Instagram: @thatsmellgoodshop - https://instagram.com/thatsmellgoodshop/

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thatsmellgoodshop

    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thatsmellgoodshop/

    We post new products and other good stuff on all three, but there tends to be a bit more chatter in our Facebook group.

  • What is the best way to contact you?
  • When contacting me for any reason, please email me directly or use my Contact Us page on my website to send me a message. You can also call me at the number listed on our Contact Us page.

    Even though we have a presence on Facebook and Instagram, the message services offered by these apps is not reliable for alerting us to new messages and we cannot guarantee that we will see your message in a timely manner, if at all. Please do not use Facebook or Instagram message services to contact us about your order.

  • Do you have a newsletter?
  • Yes! And I recommend that you sign up for my newsletter to be kept in the loop for sales as these announcements are almost always made first through the newsletter email. You can sign up for my newsletter in various ways...

  • Do you have an order minimum?
  • Yes, we do have a $10 order minimum. The $10 subtotal order minimum is calculated before shipping and after discounts. No exceptions. Our cart software is not sophisticated enough to enforce the $10 subtotal order minimum and will allow you to use discounts and reward points to bring your order subtotal to under $10. If this happens, your order will be canceled and refunded.

  • Can I get items in my order gift wrapped?
  • We do not offer gift wrapping. If you are ordering items that will be gifts shipped directly to the gift recipient, please note that the items ordered will not be gift wrapped nor will they have bows or ribbons wrapped around them. We will of course package them as we normally do with care and with their safe travel in mind, but we are not able to offer any special accommodations for gifts at this time.

  • Do you combine shipping?
  • Our shipping rates are very reasonable and we do not offer combined shipping for multiple orders.

  • Do you give out free samples?
  • I usually try to include at least 1 free sample with paid orders. A few things to keep in mind about our free samples...

      • If you placed a smaller order that ships first class, then we do not include free samples with your order as this may put your order over the weight limit required for first class shipping rates.
      • If your package is too full to accommodate samples, you may not get any. I cannot justify packing your order in a larger box just to include a free sample.
      • The availability of samples varies greatly. Sometimes, I simply do not have samples available when your order is ready to ship and I will not hold orders back a day or two just so I can make free samples to include in your package.
      • The availability of scents is completely dependent on what is in stock at any given time. I cannot take scent requests for free samples. If there is a scent you really want to try, then you should go ahead and purchase it with your order.
      • I apologize if you receive a free sample in a scent that you don't love. Share the smell good love by forwarding it on to someone else who may enjoy it.
      • Store pick up orders generally don't receive free samples since our store pick up customers have the benefit of being able to sniff scents before they buy.

  • What wax do you make your melts with?
  • I use a blend of waxes that contains soy and paraffin.

  • Does your wax need to cure?
  • Most people cure wax according to their own beliefs about curing. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to curing. There's no real science to back up the requirements for all the different waxes. It won't hurt to let my wax set for a week or two or longer if you prefer, but my wax blend needs very little if any cure time. Most times my wax is ready to melt within a day or two of receiving it, especially if you ordered ready to ship wax.

  • What warmers work best with your wax blend?
  • I have found that most hot plate warmers do well with my wax and that higher wattage bulb warmers and halogen bulb warmers perform well too. Tea light warmers work great as well.

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

      • Not all warmers are created equal - not even warmers of the same wattage! Two warmers of two different brands with the same wattage rating will often not burn wax the same way.
      • The hotter the warmer, the more strongly a scent will throw. But the downside to that is that the hotter the warmer, the more quickly the scent will fade. Hotter warmers do great for a big punch of scent, but it won't last as long as other warmers that don't burn as hot.

  • How long do your wax melts last?
  • That is the unanswerable question. Wax melts aren't like candles where you can measure how long a candle burns (and even that varies in different scenarios). There are so many variables that affect the strength and length of burn with our wax melts. Two of the biggest variables are the scent itself (some are just stronger and last longer than others) and the type of the warmer affects burn time (tea light, hot plate, bulb - and all the different wattages for the last two types). Burning different scents in adjacent rooms can also affect scent strength and burn time as some scents naturally mask or overpower other scents and may make it seem as though one scent doesn't smell very strong or very long. So this is the one question I simply cannot answer for you.

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • We only ship to Canada. We do not ship to other international locations at this time.

    We charge an initial $23.00 for Canadian shipping. If we can ship your package first class international, then we will refund any shipping overages you paid. However, first class international can take 7-21 for USPS to deliver (this is out of our control).

    If you have a larger order that incurs additional charges over the initial $23 you paid, you will be invoiced for the additional shipping before your order will ship out.

    If you would rather we ship your package priority mail international, then we will invoice you separately for any shipping overages that you'll need to pay before we can ship your order. If you decide to cancel your order instead, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed to your order cancellation.

    Having said that, I do have a number of customers in the UK, the Netherlands, and other international locales. They often make use of package forwarders. A package forwarder is a company that collects USA packages for international shipments. This is especially helpful when you shop with US companies that do not offer international shipping. You can shop online at stores in the US and the forwarder receives your packages and consolidates them and sends them to international addresses, often for less money than you would have paid international shipping charges from various vendors.

    You can visit these sites for more information:


  • Can I use two coupons on my order?
  • No, my store only allows one coupon to be used per order.

  • Do you have a first time customer discount coupon?
  • I do not have a discount code available for first time customers.

  • My order status says my order is Ready To Ship. Have you shipped my package yet?
  • I like to keep you in the loop and I update your order status when I complete your order and am getting it ready to ship. Depending on the time of day I complete your order, it may ship the same day, or it may ship out the next business day. If your order has a status of Ready To Ship, it means that I am currently getting your box all packed up. Then next email you receive will be your tracking information when I print your shipping label.

  • Do you send out tracking numbers when you ship packages?
  • Absolutely! I send tracking information via email with every order I ship out. If you have not received your tracking information, your order may not have shipped yet or the email may have been marked as spam and been placed in your junk mail folder. My shipping software often sends out tracking information after midnight so even though the order shipped, you may not get the email until after hours.

    However, if you do not receive your tracking information email, you can always check your order history here: My Orders I always update orders with their tracking information and you can find your tracking number here.

  • Can I check on the status of my order?
  • Yes, if you created an account in my store, you can check on the status of your order at any time because I keep your order history and make comments on orders as they progress through the system. I also copy your shipment tracking information into your order history as well so that information is always available to you. If you checked out without creating an account, this information is not available. Check your order status here: My Orders

  • What are reward points and how do I use them?
  • Reward Points are my way of rewarding you for making purchases on my website. You can read all about them here - Reward Points

  • Does your store save the items I put in my cart?
  • YES! But you have to create an account in order for the store to save your cart. When you are on my site, just log into your account and place items in your cart. When you come back to finish shopping, all of the items you placed in your cart will still be there. See below for situations when items in your cart may be removed.

  • I had Ready To Ship items in my cart and when I came back to checkout they were no longer in my cart.
  • While my shopping cart does save the items you put into your cart, it will not hold items if someone else is checking out with those same items. Since RTS stock is usually very limited, the cart allows the first person to actually check out and pay for the items to successfully order them.

  • I placed an order for RTS items and I received a refund. Why?
  • Oops! Sometimes, items listed as ready to ship are actually out in my retail shop available for sale and the items gets sold in my shop before the item got ordered online and I didn't get it out of online inventory fast enough. Sometimes I may make a mistake when entering quantities for RTS inventory and an item you ordered was not actually in stock. When this happens I will make a notation on your order packing slip for the missing item. I will refund you the amount you paid for the item that was not in stock.

  • Do you have the option to hold packages at the post office?
  • Yes, I offer a range of shipping options in the store which include package insurance, signature delivery, and hold at PO: Shipping Options

  • Can I make changes to my order?
  • Please, make sure your order is correct before you submit your order. I will not make changes to orders once they are placed. Please understand the confusion and chaos this causes when I get multiple requests to make changes, additions, and/or deletions to orders all at once, especially during a sale or event.

    If you would like to order additional items and you have already placed one order, you can place a second order for the additional items.

  • Can I cancel my order?
  • I generally start pouring your order 24 hours after receiving it. You can cancel your order within the first 24 hours after placing your order. However, orders that have processed payments will be assessed a 5% cancellation fee. If I have already begun pouring your order, I may impose a 20% cancellation fee. After 24 hours I do not accept order cancellation requests.